Most overhead garage doors use spring tension when operating. A thick spring provides power as the door moves along metal racks on your garage walls. In some instances, the door develops some mechanical complications which hinder it from working properly. Here are some crucial tips on how to troubleshoot your garage door.

Check the Door

First, close the garage door and pull its emergency release cord. Lift it to check whether the door will operate smoothly. If it gets stuck, the rollers, springs or tracks may be faulty. Contact a technician to fix them.

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Test the Door

After checking the door’s conditions, it’s vital to test it. If it has a broken spring and a person suddenly pulls the door’s release cord while the door is elevated, it can easily crush down on them. It’s advisable to unplug the door opener first. It helps in preventing any injuries in the event someone accidentally presses the remote button as you work on the door. Moreover, you can get electrocuted.


Wires and Wall Switch

If your wall switch isn’t functioning well, you may have to replace it or your switch wires. To troubleshoot the switch, unscrew it from the garage wall and join the two wires. They can’t electrocute you as they have a low voltage. If the door opener functions, your switch is faulty. On the other hand, if you use an old model opener, you can use an ordinary doorbell button.

If your garage has a new opener with a light and locking option, purchase a model that is compatible with it. If it doesn’t operate when you join its wires, use a tiny wire and hook the two wires to the opener’s terminal. If it runs, the switch wires need a replacement. At times, the staples holding the switch wire may pinch it resulting to a short circuit.


If your garage door’s remote isn’t responding, check its batteries first. If it doesn’t change, you need to replace it. You can find a variety of remotes on various online stores. If you don’t get one that suits your opener model, it’s recommended to install a different receiver or to buy a universal door remote.

The receiver provides the door opener with a new radio frequency. Also, it updates old openers to a new rolling code mechanism that deters hackers from accessing your security code. Plug the receiver into a port adjacent to your opener and attach the two wires at the terminals where you’ve connected your wall switch.

Safety Sensor

If a garage door only closes when one hold down their wall switch, it’s wise to check if the safety sensors are well aligned. Each sensor contains a small light that should be switched on when there is nothing between the sensors. If none of your sensor lights are on, you need to install new ones. However, you can still use the current wires. Avoid directing sunlight on the sensor eyes as it damages them.

Circuit Board

If your outlet has steady power but it doesn’t produce any light or sound when you press the remotes and wall switch, your circuit board may be spoilt. Generally, lightning destroys many circuit boards. The boards comprise a plastic casing that holds wire terminals and the light bulb. Also, each board has a unique part number.

You can easily replace a faulty circuit board. It only takes about ten minutes. You need to use a 0.25-inch nut driver. Detach the light cover and remove the light bulb. Disconnect the safety sensor wires and the door switch. Remove several screws and unplug your circuit board its essential to protect a new circuit board with a genuine surge protector.

Light Socket

If your bulb is in good shape yet they aren’t lighting up, you may need to install a new socket. To replace it, you need to detach the circuit board. Depress the socket’s clip to pop it out. Remove the wire connections while installing a new light socket. Ensure that your bulb has an ideal wattage. Light bulbs with a wattage which is higher than the socket’s rating may damage it. Furthermore, it can burn down your garage. If a light cover turns yellow due to overheating, you need to fix a bulb with a low voltage.

You can easily detect a malfunction in your garage door using a variety of techniques. If the door’s condition doesn’t improve, you may need to hire a skilled technician to address your garage door problem.